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LoCo Urban Farms

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Locavore H.U.B ​(Helping Urban Business)

A cooperative relationship with other local producers from around the area to bring their products to a designated space to teach others about their crafts, sales and perhaps trade.  In time, and with the help of the local community we would like to be part of creating a permanent space that could be in a central location and utilized from a space or structure that has lost its original purpose whether that was from economic circumstances, outsourcing, abandonment or simply a less than desirable location.

Learning Center

A secondary feature of the H.U.B. project will the the creation of a learning space that can host meetings and seminars, webinars and community gatherings to teach interested individuals about a host of locally produced foods, crafts and other artisan goods.  A clean, safe place that people can come and learn with friends and family.

LoCo Urban Farms was founded on big dreams by big dreamers.  We have set off on this extraordinarily ambitious path to create, inspire and help the people that live and work in our communities as a way to give back, to pay forward and to simply do the right thing.  Sometimes reality falls short of dreams and that's okay, we fully believe in what we are doing and the steps required to accomplish the goals we have set forth for ourselves.  Every venture will have its fair share of stumbling blocks and set backs but perseverance and the belief that what we are doing has a place and a role to play in helping people is what will give us the confidence to pick ourselves up and keep pushing towards our goals when we stumble.  

Please check back often for updates and news about events and milestones!

​​First Steps

Getting our initial start in Janesville, Wisconsin we are hoping to initiate the project within the umbrella of the  Denver, CO area.  There are ample opportunities for dissolving food deserts and providing a safe, welcoming place for people to gather, learn and enjoy the  place that they call home.  The initial goal of the farm is to set up a working, profitable business model that will be able to be replicated in different areas of the country.  There are a tremendous amount of hurdles that face an upstart farm in the city, first and foremost would probably be the city itself.  The idea of a farm in an urban environment is not necessarily a new one and it has been gaining traction in local municipalities over the last few years, but there are still a number of city, state and even federal barriers that hinder the growth of the industry.  We plan to be active participants in the fight to show that shouldn't be a negative stigma attached to the idea of a urban farm.  There is a somewhat large constituency of people that see it as a hobby business or a passing fad and  are not quite ready to give the idea its proper due.  Some people feel that when the term "farm" is associated with "urban" that all of a sudden cows and pigs will be roaming the streets of our busy cities.  Simply not true.  The urban farm movement is a respectful, responsible one that takes the considerations of its neighbors very seriously.  We would like to be a flagship example of how a urban farm not only doesn't detract for a local area, it brings many facets of the local life together in one central location.  Hosting seminars, morning yoga, afternoon business meetings and a place that is safe and secure in sometimes, otherwise dangerous areas that people tend to avoid will only help the people and the community at large.

Community is at the heart of the entire project, it is why we are doing what we are doing.  Having the opportunity to build a business that directly effects the well-being of the community around us is our goal.  No small task to be sure, but with the hard work of staff and volunteers we hope to be able to spread far and wide, providing opportunities to learn, eat, and love the people and places that surround us.