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LoCo Urban Farms

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Listed products are subject to seasonal availability and may be farm specific.  Please contact the farm for a complete product list.


Phased expansion of the farm will allow us to broaden the scope of livestock production and sales.  Ducks, Chickens and Rabbits will be introduced when permitting and zoning codes allow.


Red Wigglers, White worms, castings and compost will be available periodically throughout the seasons.   


Farm fresh eggs from our flock of Chickens and Ducks will be available in limited quantities daily.


A combination of hydroponic and traditional soil will be utilized for berry and melon production.  Berries will be sold by the ounce, both fresh and dried.


Grown in a variety of methods, we will offer fresh herbs during the season, while and surplus will be dried and packaged.


​Edible flowers will be grown in NFT, raft and tower applications not only for their aesthetic qualities but also for the beneficial insects they attract.  They will be sold as fresh cut, dried and as culinary garnishments. 

Wax & Honey

A colony of American honey bees will aid in crop pollination and fertilization as well as providing fresh honey and limited amounts of wax for candles and other farm and consumer projects.


Leafy greens will mainly be grown hydroponically in our vertical towers.  Root vegetables and mushroom varieties will be exclusively grown in our container pots, raised beds and other soil based growing methods. 

Our Projected Products