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LoCo Urban Farms

Thank you,

Steve Czok

Founding Farmer

Between You, Us and the World

Now that we have touched on some of the value based decision making we try to practice, lets talk about the relationship that the farm has with you.  Whether you live down the street, at the other end of town or across the country, or globe for that matter, you are why we are taking on this adventure.  Being a giver and not simply taking from what is around us is easier said than done.  We, as a society have fallen victim to disposable life styles and single serving conveniences.  The idea of investing in a person or idea or product seems somewhat foreign to us in current times.  Part of this website is to inform you about what is going on at the farm, the processes that are involved in starting a venture like this as well as the struggles and triumphs from successes and failures, along with those things this website is also about promotion, promotion of the ideas and ideals that we think will benefit the people and environment around us and promotion of the business model.  

There is no easy way to ask people to donate their time or money, but a farm is a living breathing thing that needs attention paid 24/7, and that comes at a cost, both personal and financial.  There are a few different places on this site that open the option up for you to give financial backing to this wonderful adventure.  Please give what you can, if not in dollars or time as a volunteer than just tell someone your know about the sight and our vision.  Word of mouth is how these types of grass roots movements get going.  If you can pledge in the form of a financial backing, please understand that we do not take the fact that each and every penny that you donate is your vote of confidence in us and that it will be used responsibly to contribute to a bigger, better and more viable farm.  The onus is placed squarely on us to make sure that the investment in trust you give us is paid forward to the people and community around us.

The Big Picture

We take the cause of responsibility very seriously; not only in our farming practices of applying as many waste saving exercises as possible, but everyone associated with the farm takes a broader scope to the meaning of that word.  We try (full disclosure- and sometimes fail) to practice responsibility in all aspects of our lives, the interactions we have with others as well as the planet.  Too many people in the world take too many things for granted (humble opinion) these days.  People live under an umbrella of debt because there is a preoccupation with obtaining the most "stuff" and to us, all that does is create stress, hurts personal and professional relationships and lowers the overall quality of live that everyone should be able to have.  Creating a model that combines the four major values of the farm, allows  the folks we live, work and interact with to see that building a platform that promotes wellness in mind, body, spirit and environment is not some unattainable task, it's doable and more over, it can be incredibly enriching and rewarding and perhaps for some, life altering.  Now, we are certainly not under any delusions that we are embarking on some grand project to change the world, but we are looking at changing our little slice of it.  More love and joy, less hate and sorrow, healthy lives and relationships are the goals that we hope to have an impact on.