LoCo Urban Farms

H   E   L   P   F   U   L        L   I   N   K   S

LoCoUrbanFarms will promote an urban agriculture business model that develops and maintains or enhances economic opportunity and community well-being while protecting and restoring the natural environment upon which people and economies depend. Focusing on sustainable practices that meets the needs of the present without detracting from the ability of future generations to be allowed the diversity and variety of resources we have today.

​Emphasis will be placed on renewal of local and regional resources and community outreach programs that help educate the public of the consequences of poor resource management and how they can help contribute to fixing a problem that at times seems unmanageable.  Extra attention will be devoted to non-commercial implementational situations the community can utilize at home, passing on knowledge to a younger generation, friends and neighbors. 


-​Creating locavore communities-